Privacy and Policy

Privacy and Policy

1. Incrediblestays understand the importance of the privacy of its users and also of maintaining the confidentiality of the information provided by its users as a responsible data controller and data processer.

2. We assure you that we use the personal information you provide us only as appropriate and required in the ordinary course of business.

3. We assure you that the data which the user shared with us Name, number, Address, and mail id will not share with any third parties.

4. The data of the user will be used by Incrediblestays to provide booking-related information to the user on their mail account or direct call to the user .

5. We never share or disclose any personal information of our users for any marketing or sales purpose.

6. Our team will never ask for any OTP or password for any payment confirmation.

7. The user will not share his personal sensitive information like credit card number, CVV, OTP, card expiry date, User IDs, Password, etc with any person including the agents, employees, or any representative of INCREDIBLESTAYS. The user shall immediately inform INCREDIBLESTAYS if such details are demanded by any of our representatives. INCREDIBLESTAYSshall not be liable for any loss that the USER incurs for sharing the aforesaid details

8. We use always a safe and secured payment gateway for online payment so users will receive payment links on request only. We don’t ask for any bank details or card details for payment.

9. Users need to submit their ID proofs at the time of check-in and that ID will be kept safe in our records.

10. User also authorizes Incrediblestays representative to contact such user over the phone, message, and email. This consent shall supersede any preferences set by such User through the national customer preference register (NCPR) or any other similar preferences.

11. You will occasionally receive e-mail updates from us about fare sales in your area, special offers, new MMT services, and other noteworthy items. We hope you will find these updates interesting and informative. If you wish not to receive them, please mail us at

12. In addition to the cost of booking as charged by the Service Providers, INCREDIBLESTAYS reserves the right to charge certain fees in the nature of convenience fees or service fees. INCREDIBLESTAYS further reserves the right to alter any and all fees from time to time. Any such additional fees, including fees towards any modifications thereof, will be displayed to the User before confirming the booking or collecting the payment from such User.

13. In the rare circumstance of a booking not getting confirmed for any reason whatsoever, INCREDIBLESTAYS will process the refund of the booking amount paid by the User and intimate the User about the same. INCREDIBLESTAYS is not under any obligation to provide an alternate booking in lieu of or to compensate or replace the unconfirmed booking. All subsequent bookings will be treated as new transactions. Any applicable refund will be processed as per the defined policies of the service provider and INCREDIBLESTAYS as the case may be.

14. The User shall be completely responsible for all charges, fees, duties, taxes, and assessments arising out of the use of the service, as per the applicable laws.

15. Refunds, if any, on canceled bookings will always be processed to the respective account or the banking instrument (credit card, wallet etc.) from which payment was made for that booking.

16. All payments on the Website are secured. This means all Personal Information you provide is safe and secure with Incrediblestays and not shared for any marketing purpose. The website has stringent security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control.

17. The RBI mandates the collection of PAN details for all transactions made under Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) which includes any international booking made on the Website or through Sales Channels. The User warrants and confirms that PAN details of the User/traveler will be shared by the User on or before the cut-off date prescribed by INCREDIBLESTAYS either at the time of booking or after the booking is made. In case the traveler is a minor, INCREDIBLESTAYS will require the PAN details of the parent/guardian of such minor. The User further confirms that non-compliance with this requirement may result in the cancellation of the booking.

18. We reserve the right to revise the Privacy Policy from time to time to suit various legal, business, and customer requirement. We will duly notify the users as may be necessary.