Property List


It’s very simple to register your Homestay on Incrediblestays. You need to mail us at incrediblestays.info@gmail.com with all details about your property. After receiving your mail our sale team will verify all details given by you and once all details verify the property get live for the guests.

No, there are no charges to register your homestay.

1. Aadhar Card

2. Mobile number and mail id

3. Property Description/ Few lines about Homestay

4. List of Amenities

5. Property Photos

6. House policy

7. Price per night

8. Food menu/Food options

9. Signed NOC

10. Things to do

11. Cancellation Policy

Need to make a zip folder and share it on Incrediblestays.info@gmail.com

Photos play a very important role while listing. Need to share 2photos of each bedroom and bathroom, common area, Living area Kitchen area, Open area, garden area, and parking space. Photos should be bright in colour.

Yes, we can arrange a photo shoot for the property on very nominal charges. Charges may vary on property size and location. For more details Please mail us at Incrediblestays.info@gmail.com.

No, it’s not mandatory to accept all bookings. You can select the booking which you want to take.

No, after booking confirmation our GRE team will coordinate with the guest and share all details with the guest about the property such as location, how to reach, and caretaker details, etc.

Not to worry,We will collect the payment and transfer it to your account

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